Vito Tolone

Senior Transportation Planner, City of Burlington

“We’re asking Burlington residents to give active transportation a try in their everyday lives”

As a senior transportation planner at the City of Burlington, Vito was involved in the recent update to the City’s Transportation Mater Plan (TMP) and its effort to recognize that the automobile is not the only way that people travel through the city. The update, called Go Your Way, sets out a 20-year vision for transportation in the city to ensure that the transportation infrastructure, services and operational policies are aligned to accommodate Burlington’s expected growth. To achieve this, the plan is focused on creating a balanced and accessible transportation system for all modes of travel including transit, cyclists, pedestrians and automobiles.

A bronze Bicycle Friendly Community Award Winner, Burlington built its first bike lane well over 20 years ago and now has over 50 KM of on road bike lanes. With the direction of the TMP, Burlington’s goal is to make cycling even more accessible. While the City works to install the infrastructure to support active transportation, Go Your Way challenges residents to look at the trips they take each day by car and pick one to try out walking or cycling as their way to travel.